Safety Measures to Consider When Purchasing a Crib
At the time of buying a crib for your child, born or unborn, it is vital that you consider all the safety measures and ensure that you are completely satisfied. To do that, you need to consider some crucial things. You need to start by requesting to see the certification documents of the business enterprise you are purchasing from to prove that the company is properly licensed and permitted to engage in the business of selling cribs for children. Read on  crib guide from The Traveling Parent

It is essential that the products are proven to be ideal for the use by kids. In addition, that will assist you in getting to the source and understanding the historical background and get to know whether there had been any recalling by the manufacturer owing to some faulty issues. In case such a thing ever happened, it means that there are chances it might break down in future or even develop another malfunction which could compromise the safety of your kid. That said, you need to disregard such a crib as the safety of your child will not be guaranteed.

You need to check the slat spacing when purchasing the safest crib. You need to ensure that they are very close to each other such that they can prevent the kid from having his hand, leg or head slip into the spaces and then getting stuck in them. In case you find that the spaces are too big, it is advisable that you do not purchase such a crib. It means that your child could get in danger. Also, if you are buying a crib which has corner posts, ensure that they are not too high not unless the crib has a canopy as support. Corner posts which are too high could end up trapping the clothes of the child which could make him fall down hence bringing about injuries. Therefore, that is something which you still need to consider. For the mattress support, it needs to be adjustable to allow for room for changing the height any time you want. Also read on  pregnancy pillow

You need to ensure that the crib you purchase does not wobble with shaking. It means that it needs to have great stability. Children are usually playful when in it and if the crib is not strong enough, it could crumble leading to injuries to the child. For the safety of your kid, ensure that you ignore any crib that you come across. View